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Weed Science

Weed Science Reviews

"…the great surprise about Weed Science is the writing. Most readers, myself among them, struggle to slog through the numbing jargon of journal articles - they can often be as dry as that old bag of marijuana that was stashed in the garage three years ago and forgotten. Dr. Pearlson is a fine writer with a well-honed sense of humor that adds some sheen to material that could otherwise come off as dutifully academic. Even though he takes science seriously he also makes it enjoyable - no easy feat."

Joe Dolce, author, Brave New Weed: Adventures into the Uncharted World of Cannabis

Weed Science - Table of Contents

  1. Introduction - how the author became acquainted with cannabis.
  2. Good Science and Bad Science - how science helps us think about contentious social issues.
  3. Holi - what an ancient Hindu festival can teach us about safe marijuana use.
  4. Archaeology and Ethnobotany - the long historical relationship humans have with cannabis.
  5. Neuroscience - the endocannabinoid system, how it evolved and what it does.
  6. Psychology + Human Behavior - what is it like to be stoned and what goes on in our brains when we are buzzed.
  7. Epidemiology - what can population studies tell us about cannabis risks?
  8. Toxicology - cannabis' side effects and how they occur. Synthetic cannabinoids.
  9. Chemical Analysis and Extraction - the eternal quest for a higher high.
  10. Medical Marijuana and Clinical Trials - what's the evidence for marijuana as a medicine?
  11. Economic/Business - who stands to gain and to lose, if cannabis is legalized in the US?
  12. Summary/Conclusion - harm reduction; lessons from ending alcohol prohibition and from what's going on in Canada.

Weed Science: cannabis controversies and challenges

“How exactly does cannabis make you high? I have heard that the human body is packed full of marijuana receptors; what are they there for? Does cannabis really have medical benefits –what’s the evidence? Will my cannabis smoking affect my academic grades? Will I really develop schizophrenia and will my IQ plummet if I/(my adolescent offspring) smoke(s) weed? I used cannabis two weeks ago, will it show up when they screen me for my job interview?” " what can we expect when recreational marijuana is legalized by the federal government?"

The fact that so many educated individuals are asking similar questions is strong evidence for a knowledge deficit that requires addressing. This book addresses those questions and more.