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What's the buzz?

Weed Science is a comprehensive book about cannabis written for the average person, that is coming out July 1, 2020.

If you have ever wondered why your body is full of weed receptors, why different people have widely different subjective experiences from cannabis, or the risks and benefits of this complicated plant, then this book is for you. The United States is very likely to legalize recreational marijuana in the next few years. This book is an entertaining and readable guide to what we can expect.


Godfrey Pearlson is an award-winning psychiatrist and neuroscience researcher.

He is also a certified Master Gardener and a former child of the 1960s.

Although he has published over 700 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, and numerous scientific book chapters Weed Science is his first venture into popular science writing.




"That's why this book is so valuable. Godfrey Pearlson has managed to turn down the volume while increasing the scrutiny of the science. In doing so he has produced something that every legislator, policymaker, medical professional and truth-seeking individual should read. It couldn't be coming at a better time".

Joe Dolce

Author, Brave New Weed: Adventures into the Uncharted World of Cannabis


"There is an urgent need for a scientific appraisal of exactly what effects marijuana has on the brain and the body and to make any political platforms based on scientific fact rather than on jingoistic hysteria. This is exactly what Yale neuropsychiatrist Godfrey Pearlson presents in this in-depth study of every aspect of marijuana. It is one of those rare and brilliant books where the author tackles a complex problem yet succeeds in making it an enjoyable read."

Philip Salfield, Ph.D. author and clinical psychologist


"Expanding swiftly after over 100 years of prohibition, the legalization of cannabis in the US has raised many political issues and concerns in the public.  Whether you are pro-cannabis or anti-cannabis, you need to read Weed Science.  In this book, Yale neuroscientist Dr. Godfrey Pearlson presents a well-written, balanced and scientifically-based approach between the full and immediate legalization of cannabis, that many in the cannabis industry support, and the anti-marijuana positions of groups like Smart Approaches to Marijuana.  Filled with information based on an extensive career in neuroscience, Dr. Pearlson addresses questions and concerns about cannabis that many readers have, but for which the answers are buried in the scientific literature."
Michael Milburn PhD, Professor of Psychology at the University of Massachusetts/Boston. Expert on cannabis-impaired driving